Mutation means the recording in the revenue record of transfer of title of the property from one person to other(s).

Q. Where do I go and during which hours?

The Office of Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar of the area where the land is situated between 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on any working day.

Q. Which papers/documents/fees, do I take with me?

Application on a plain paper, along with Non-judicial stamp of maximum of Rs.5/- containing the following information :-

a.       the name of the village in which the right has been acquired;

b.      the description of the right acquired;

c.       the name, parentage, caste and residence of the person from whom the right has been acquired;

d.      the manner in which the right has been acquired;

e.       the name, parentage, caste and residence of the person who has acquired the right; and

f.        the date on which the right was acquired.

Copy of document on the basis of which the mutation is sought e.g. Sale Deed, Will etc.

Q. What will be the criteria used while deciding my case?

  1. A proclamation is issued inviting objections to the proposed mutation and specifying the date (being not less than fifteen days from the date of the proclamation) upto which any objection to the mutation will be entertained;
  2. The Halqua Patwari submits his report in prescribed format no. P-I.
  3. Statement of parties is recorded.
  4. Contents of the documents are matched with the recorded statements.
  5. If no objection against the proposed mutation is received, the same is sanctioned.
  6. In case any objection is received against the mutation, matter is referred to SDM (Revenue Assistant) of the area.
  7. Any party aggrieved by an order of mutation may file an appeal before the Addl. Collector (the concerned Deputy Commissioner) within 30 days of the order.

Q. When will I get the response?

You should be getting the response normally within 30 days.