Online Applications Submission

Select the District In Which You Reside

As an e-governance initiative of Govt of NCT of Delhi , the facility of online application is now being provided for a large number of documents . Online application requires the followng steps

  1. Fill up the Online application
  2. Print the filled application form and acknowledgement slip.
  3. You will be alloted a temporary number which will be printed on your application form and acknowledgement slip .
  4. Send your printed application form and required documents to the concerned officer by registered post . Find your sub division / district
  5. Once your post is received along with complete documents , you will be alloted a unique 10 digit application Number. If however , your application is not complete, you can still Find Status
  6. Once your document is ready , you will be required to go to the office personally to collect it .
  7. Persons applying for marriage registration will be alloted a date of registration.You are required to be present before the Marriage Officer along with the printed application and the documents and witnesses . In these cases you dont need to send your application by post .